Felise Luchansky
Artist Statement





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The White Cube Cube is a participatory project that examines the evolution of the gallery space. Art travelled vast distances from across the globe to find a home in this intimate and iconic structure. Each two dimensional work in this small scale exhibition fit within the approximate dimensions of a postage stamp or 35 mm slide. Three dimensional works ranged in size from a die (as in one dice) to half of a Rubik’s cube. The small size of the art was skewed larger when placed next to the diminutive figures placed in the galleries of the White Cube Cube.

The commentary on scale and the inquiry into if size matters continues in the placement of the works in the galleries. Jeff Brown’s Grand Canyon Redux fits snugly into the Artful Arcade Annex. Mya Kerner’s work Bricks looms large in the Open Door Gallery, as an homage to Stonehenge. The Gallery of Worthy Pursuits is home to the Easter Islandesque “You are made for me” by Kimba Kerner. Both Dain Simons’ Thumbnail and Nancy’s Breslin’s Handbook allude to the age old practice of using body parts for measuring.

With the efforts of these talented artists the project transformed the White Cube Cube a.k.a a dorm room  fridge into a chamber of esthetics and beautifully illustrated that art, if you look closely, can be found almost anywhere.

White Cube Cube- co curated by Felise Luchansky and Emily Artinian

Participating artists:
Beth Trepper
Breony Delforce
Chris Landau
Dain Simons
Delainey Barclay
Gethin Evans
Heather Siple
J.A. Panetta
Jeff Brown
Justin Philips
Kaori Homma
Ken Mabrey
Kimba Kerner
Lin Charlston
Louise Levergneux
Mya Kerner
Nancy Breslin
Olga Jürgenson
Rhonda Hershey Ike
Rob Millard-Mendez
Stephen Ruszkowski
Wanda Morris Simons
Zoe Chronis

Photo: Jeff Brown